About Codman²

Codman², a partnership between Codman Square Health Center (CSHC) and Codman Academy Charter Public School (CACPS), is the first co-located health and education partnership in the country. The rationale behind Codman² is simple yet powerful: healthier people learn better, and people with greater access to education are healthier.

Hunger, chronic disease, trauma and other environmental stressors adversely impact school performance. Likewise, the more schooling a person has the better their health. Poor education and poor health compound each other in a vicious cycle.

To help break the cycle, Codman² envisions a dynamic, collaborative eco-system of education and health care that helps reverse the effects of poverty, transforms lives within its community, and inspires a new model for social change.

 In support of this vision, Codman² seeks to develop a community that is well physically, economically, socially, intellectually, and behaviorally, by creating a holistic and cohesive network of quality health and education services and programs. This mission is enacted at Codman through the attainment of three key goals:

1)     Creating a broader and deeper health experience for students, their families, patients, and the community through comprehensive wellness and education activities and services;

 2)     Improving educational outcomes and enhancing opportunities for learning, career exploration, and professional skill building, including cultivating opportunities for the next generation of health care professionals of color; and

 3)     Developing a sustainable model for more integrated health and education delivery that can be replicated nationally and internationally.

Codman² serves two communities. CSHC is able to reach more patients, more consistently through the continuous access CACPS provides, while CACPS can leverage the health expertise of CSHC to complement its academic programming. As such, partnership programming has been developed to address the needs of each of these organizations’ unique stakeholder groups within the context of the larger partnership and its goals. Over the years, the programs and services that Codman² has used to achieve its goals have evolved; however, they have remained anchored to the model’s core components: health and wellness, improved educational outcomes, and career and professional skill building.

Recognizing the impact Codman²  has had in its community, the partnership’s leaders believe the model has the potential to transform other communities as well.

Codman Square Health Center is located in the heart of Dorchester, the largest and most diverse neighborhood of Boston. It opened its doors in 1979, recognizing from the start that, though health care begins by alleviating sickness, the journey to a true “culture of health” is achieved through the health of the whole person and the whole community. Today, Codman Square Health Center is home to 250 staff and more than 22,000 patients and is seen, both locally and nationally, as a true innovator in the community health field.    

Codman Square Health Center

Codman Academy Charter Public School was Dorchester’s first charter high school. The school was created in response to community need. In 2013, Codman Academy was granted permission to expand to serve students in grades K-8. At full capacity, the school will serve 345 students in grades K-12.

Codman Academy’s program is holistic, addressing, through its partnership with Codman Square Health Center, students' physical and mental health needs along with academics. The curriculum stresses depth over breadth of content and fieldwork designed to reinforce classroom learning.    

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